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Impact of Credit Crisis on Nursing – Topic on #RNchat

On tonight’s RNchat, we’ll discuss the short-term and long-term impacts of the credit crisis of 2008 on nursing:

  • How has the re-entry of nurses into the market (due to lay-offs from non-nursing jobs, or lay-offs of spouses, etc.) affected employment prospects of new graduates?
  • How might the re-entry of nurses impact the long-run?
  • Will we see a drop in nursing school admissions?
Tonight’s chat will proceed as it normally does, but I thought that I’d post a few thoughts here.

Here’s the transcript of tonight’s chat:

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Transcript of #RNchat – June 23, 2010

Here’s the transcript for last night’s RNchat moderated by Ellen Richter.The topics were

T1 How can RNs work with hospital admin to ensure compliance with mandated ratios when there are staffing problems, sick calls, etc?
T2 We are aware of safety risks when elderly get confused. What measures can we act on to prevent injury while hospitalized?
You can view the transcript below or over here:

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