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Transcript of #RNchat for June 11, 2010

Here is the transcript for #RNchat for June 11, 2010. 

Topics included:

  • T1 – Breast Cancer Communities: 
  • T2 – How nurses can harness the data on BRCA communities
  • T3 – Nursing Strikes: what alternatives to striking are there that could affect change?

Note: this is a slightly different format I’m experimenting with. I’ll still upload the format I’ve been using, but I thought I’d give this a try.

Let me know how you like/dislike this view (if the document isn’t rendering, then click “download” on the bottom left corner of the document).  



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RNchat Transcript – February 19, 2010

Below is a SlideShare of #RNchat for Friday February 19, 2010, organized in chronological order (from beginning of chat to sometime just after). Topics were:

T1 Grievances: What are best practices for grievances? When should nurses go public? How should they proceed?

T2 Pharmaceutical Industry: Is the industry sufficiently supportive of nursing? How should they be involved? What can they do for us?
T3 Women’s Health: What Dx and Tx disparities do you still see between men and women?
One of the concerns that came out of the chat was that some nursing schools still consider Women’s Health an elective. In my opinion, understanding the different communication styles, presentation expressions and other factors in nursing care with respect to sex and gender is part of the basics of practice – not some sort of option. I’m not a big fan of generalizations, but it is important for students to spot patterns and make the best use of them.

What do you think? Is the profession and facilities doing their ensure that disparities in diagnoses and treatments are resolved? After all cultural biases run deep and exorcising them can be tough business.

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