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RNchat Transcript: October 29, 2009

Below is a SlideShare of today’s #RNchat, organized in chronological order (from beginning of chat to sometime just after). Today’s topics were Drug Diversion. Usually we have two topics, but tonight’s topic seemed to spark a lot of interesting dialogue, so I let it go on for the entire hour. These slide decks are also on RNchat’s Transcripts page.NOTE: Twitter crashed just as the chat started and so the tweet about the topic (T1) did not make it into the file below. Here’s Topic 1:

T1 Drug Diversion: What have been your experiences (be mindful of confidentiality of course). Big problem? Getting better or worse? #RNchat

You can download the file or view it in Full Screen mode as a slide show:

As always, thank you to those who joined today. If you’re new to #RNchat, just follow @RNchat on Twitter and we’ll provide updates and links on how to make the best use of this nursing chat. You can also send inquires to info [at] RNchat [dot] org.